UEFA Euro 2020 Championship – Germany

A long-time favourite the world over, the talented German national football team (led by Joachim Löw) will be back on the football field for yet another attempt at claiming the UEFA European Championship trophy. Beating Belarus 4-0 to qualify for their record 13th European Championship spot, Germany last laid claim to the UEFA European Championship trophy in 1996. In the last 3 championship tournaments – 2008, 2012 & 2016 – Die Mannschaft (their nickname in German, meaning ‘The Team’) came pretty close to tasting glory but only managed to rank as either the first runner-up or as a semi-finalist. 


Known for bringing the fight to their contenders after advancing from the group phase, Germany’s grit and tenacity on the pitch make them a top pick amongst bettors. Currently grouped with European football giants France (2-time champion) and Portugal (the defending champion), Joachim Löw has his work cut out for him but has demonstrated through dynamic team formations that the Germans have what it takes to shake things up.


Currently, Germany shares the No. 1 spot with Spain for holding the most EUFA European Championship trophies – both teams have won 3 each. We anticipate Team Deutschland to head into the Euro 2020 Championships with full force and hopefully, there will be no repeat of their disappointing performance in 2018’s World Cup (where they were defeated by Mexico in the opening match) which ended with an early elimination in the group stages.

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