UEFA Euro 2020 Championship – France

A recognizable name and an acknowledged giant in the international football scene in France, one of the qualifying teams for the upcoming UEFA European Championships (Euro 2020) this June. France has come a long way since playing host for the first European Championship tournament that was held 60 years ago, back in the summer of 1960, with this year’s qualification for Euro 2020 being France’s 10th entry.


As veterans and heavy hitters in the sport, France’s national team has garnered much international respect for always bringing their A-game to the pitch and giving their opponents a run for their money. As hosts of the last UEFA Euro 2016 Championships, France beat out by Portugal by a mere 1-nil to concede the trophy to their Portuguese counterparts and settle for the 2nd spot. This time around, there is no doubt that France would make a fiery and full-fledged return to the pitch to gun for the Euro 2020 Championship trophy. However, spectators can expect defending champions Portugal to put up a fight as they will surely be attempting to retain their status as victors and extend their winning streak as back-to-back champions.


Coming off of their fairly recent victory at the 2018 World Cup, the team of the red, white, and blue will be led by head coach Didier Deschamps to dominate this championship and bring home the Euro 2020 trophy.

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