UEFA Euro 2020 Championship – Finland

Excited for the UEFA European Championships to take place this coming June 2020? We are and we are sure first-time European Championship qualifiers Finland are too! Over the years, Finnish fans have been left constantly disappointed and frustrated at the Finnish national football team’s string of failures at qualifying for major international football tournaments, but not anymore. In a first-ever historic milestone, the Nordic nation’s football team (the ‘Huuhkajat’, or otherwise known as the Eagle Owls) made the cut on 15 November 2019, qualifying to compete at Euro 2020. It was an achievement that was 112-years in the making and the Finnish nation couldn’t have been jubilant. It might have taken over a century, but as many often say, it’s better to be late to the party than to never have made it. 


Now that the tides of luck have turned to favor a well-deserved advancement for Finland, who beat Liechtenstein 3-0 in Helsinki, the pressure is on for head coach Markku Kanerva to do the Finnish fans proud by continuing to strengthen the defenses of the team so that they can hold their own come summer, at Euro 2020. Finnish star striker Teemu Pukki, who plays for Norwich FC in the English Premier League, also has his work cut out for him as the bulk of his nation’s hopes are riding on his back to take Finland even further up the ranks. We can’t wait to see how Finland, the odd-defying underdogs, will show at the 2020 UEFA European Championships. We wish them luck!

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