Although online gambling is not declared illegal in Malaysia, it is however being regulated by the government and religious authorities. Law documents have been written decades ago but none of them specifically discuss about placing bets online. Online gambling has always been overlooked by the authorities and can be tolerated as thousands of Malaysians participate in online gambling every day. Many international betting sites also allow players from Malaysia to gamble with them.

Gambling Laws in Malaysia

The Civil Act of 1956 states that “agreement by way of gaming or wagering to be null and void,” and that, “No action shall be brought or maintained in any Court for recovering any sum of money. According to the Malaysian Contracts Law, “Agreements by wager are void; no suit shall be brought for recovering anything alleged to be won on any wager.” Both of this law simply means that legal interference is not possible in the events that debts are not honoured. Nothing is said about gambling being illegal in the country.

The Common Gaming Houses Act of 1953 states that “Any person who games in a common gaming house shall be guilty of an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine… or to imprisonment for a term.” While this indicates that wagering in gambling houses are illegal, it does not address those who gamble from their homes.

Being a Islamic country, Malaysia emphasizes heavily on the Sharia Law. Although the non-Malays are not bound by the law, the Sharia law is regarded by most of the people. Gambling is clearly forbidden by this law, making it off limit for more than 60% of the people in this country.